Session 5
Who can help?

Watch a video and then

scroll down to see the

discussion points.

Episodes five and six can be presented during the same session as they both deal with

young people’s interactions with different professionals that they might encounter.


First up is episode 5.

Sammy visits Julie, a youth worker, to talk about her relationship with Grant and taking it to the next stage. 


Julie also gives our presenters, Zoë and Declan a condom demonstration, like the one that she would give Sammy when she signed her up to c-card.

And now episode 6.


Keith visits the sexual health clinic and speaks to Sally, one of the doctors there. 


We also hear the actor’s opinion on his character and what it was like going to the clinic.

Now discuss the following issues in relation to what happened in the video and to your own personal experiences.

Body Image

Are there any body image issues here?


Talk about confidentiality here between professionals and young people. 

Also patient confidentiality.


Episode 5

What do you think about the way Sammy and Julie are communicating?

What about Sammy and Steven?

Episode 6

What do you think about the way Keith and Sally (the doctor) are communicating?


Is compassion shown here? 


By who?


Is there any compromise shown here?


Episode 5

How confident do you think Sammy is?

Episode 6

How confident is Keith here? 


Why do you think that?

Consent  Consent in its broadest sense is permission for something to happen or agreement to do something

What is Sammy’s understanding of consent?

Are there any consent issues when speaking to professionals?


Are there any emotions on show here?

From whom?


How honest are the character's being in these situations?


Episode 5

What do you think about Sammy’s relationship with Grant now?

Episode 6

What do you think about Keith and Betty’s relationship after watching this?


Episode 5

What is respectful about this conversation?

Episode 6

How respectful of Betty do you think Keith is? 


Why do you think that?


Episode 5

What responsibility does Sammy have?


What responsibility does Julie have?  To check in with Sammy that the relationship is consensual, that she is not being coerced, that it is what she wants


Click here for Under age sexual activity guidelines

Episode 6

Are there any responsibilities that should be met here?


Which rights do you think are being affected here?


UNCRC Article 17:  I have the rights to get information in lots of ways, so long as it’s safe.  Television, radio and newspapers should provide information that I can understand.  No one should promote materials that could harm me.  The Government should encourage the production of children’s books.


UNCRC Article 34: Nobody should touch you in ways that make you feel uncomfortable, unsafe of sad.  The Government should protect you from sexual abuse.  Nobody should do anything to your body that you do not want them to do, like touching you or taking pictures of you or making you say things you do not want to say.  If you have been harmed or abused then you should be able to get the help you need to recover.

UNCRC Article 24:  I have the right to good quality health care, to clean water and good food.  I have the right to good quality health care and to clean water.  I have the right to nutritious food and a clean environment so that I can stay healthy.  Rich countries should help poorer countries achieve this.

To view the charter in full click here.


Episode 5

How thoughtful is Sammy being here?

Episode 6

How thoughtful is Keith being? 


What does he do or say that makes you think that? 


Episode 5

Does  Sammy trust Julie?

Does she trust Grant?

Why do you think that?

Episode 6

How trustworthy is Keith?


Do the characters understand the situations they are in?

Do you understand the situations?