Session 2
Betty and Keith

Watch the video and then

scroll down to see the

discussion points.

Chloe and Betty have been at a party.  Betty is waiting for her boyfriend Keith to collect her in

his car.  When he arrives, Betty goes off, leaving Chloe to walk home by herself. 


Keith takes Betty to somewhere quiet before he drives her home.


They have been in a relationship for around 6 months.

Before watching this familiarise yourself with the information on Consent and the Law found here.

Now discuss the following issues in relation to what happened in the video and to your own personal experiences.

Body Image

Keith only comments on Betty’s physical appearance “he’s always saying he likes my bum”.  Why do you think that is? 


What impact might that have on Betty? 

Why do you think she wants to hear this – does she want to hear it? (“call me beautiful again”)


What other compliments could you give people that aren’t based on their appearance? 

(for example skills based “you’re really good at...”, something that they have control over “I really like your top / hair / taste in music...”)


Opportunity to discuss gender stereotypes.


What boundaries do Keith and Betty have? 


Why do you think that?


How effective is the communication between Keith & Betty? 


What makes you say that?


Do we see compassion? 


Who from and when? 

What do they do?


First ending  - I’m just taking you home

other 2 endings?


Reflect on boundaries and communication – what compromise do we see? 


Who from? 


If it is only one person is it really compromise?


Is Keith confident?


Is Betty confident? 

What makes you think that?


Does drink make Betty feel more confident?  why? What might some of the drawbacks be?

Is it real confidence?

Consent  Consent in its broadest sense is permission for something to happen or agreement to do something

What do people think of Consent in the different endings?


Ending 1 - taking you home

Ending 2 - no consent- she is drunk, he refers to her as ‘smashed’ 

Ending 3 - no consent


Is there an expectation that because Betty and Keith are in a relationship then sex will be the outcome? Or because they have had sex before then there is an expectation that sex will be the outcome here?


Regardless of whether someone is in a relationship consent still needs to be sought for sexual activity each time.

Click here for more information on Consent and the Law and discuss in depth. 


What emotions are exhibited? 

Are there any? 


Any comments about lack of emotion in 2 of the clips? 


Links to do you “read” a person? 

Body language, non verbal communication, tone of voice etc.


Are they being honest with each other? 


What makes you think that?


When Betty is talking about her sexual experience with Keith – what kind of experience do you think it was?


What kind of relationship do you think they have? Why do you think that?


Signs it may not have been a good experience for her: she only talks about what led up to it not the actual experience.  


Click here for more information on What we know about the quality of Young Peoples Relationships.


Do they respect each other in the different endings? 


What makes you say that?


Under the law what does Keith have the responsibility to do or not to do?


Refer to the section on Consent and the Law


Which rights do you think are being affected here?


UNCRC Article 34: Nobody should touch you in ways that make you feel uncomfortable, unsafe of sad.  The Government should protect you from sexual abuse.  Nobody should do anything to your body that you do not want them to do, like touching you or taking pictures of you or making you say things you do not want to say.  If you have been harmed or abused then you should be able to get the help you need to recover.

To view the charter in full click here.


Are they showing thoughtfulness? 

What makes you think that?


Lack of condom ending 2, although they have used before – why might they not use them this time?  They are in a car, location of car – under a street light.


Link back to consent section.  


Do they trust each other? 


Why do you think that?


How do they demonstrate understanding? 


Does Betty understand why Keith doesn’t want to have sex (ending 1)?


Does Keith show any understanding in ending 2 or 3? 

Also link to consent section

Other discussion points